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What To Wear?

Discover MYFASHIONPARADE - the latest fashion based social voting app. Seek and offer advice with friends or the public. It's as simple as SNAP-SHARE-WEAR

How It Works


Are you an Influencer? Become more valuable to your clients?
By using the MYFASHIONPARADE app in conjuction with an Instagram campaign, you can increase the value of your collaborations.
The MFP app allows users to share pics & vids of fashion items with friends or the public who then vote on their favourite option, resulting in a clear winner.
When collaborating with a brand, this type of information is very valuable as it allows the business to forecast what's popular with the public.
So, how do you use MFP with Instagram?

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Own a fashion business? Get real time customer feedback!

Post a parade on MFP showcasing your latest fashion products. Your followers will vote on what they like the best, providing real-time feedback on what the most popular choices are. You can even create a close group and communicate with colleagues to help make better fashion based businesses decisions.

With this information you can forecast, refine and place orders with confidence.

OR, Perhaps you own a fashion boutique and your frustrated with loosing indecisive customers? With MFP, your indecisive customer can sign up and post a parade to the public or their trusted friends in minutes to help them decide "which one looks best", increasing the likelihood of a sale!

Target Audience

MYFASHIONPARADE is a fashion based social voting App (Android and iPhone). It has been created for three different audiences - General Users, Social Media Influencers and Businesses or Brands.

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